Five Key Tips To Pass Your CFA Level 1 Exam Around the First Attempt

Investing in the 300 hours of study prep is not a guarantee to passing your CFA Level 1 exam around the first attempt.

The analysis techniques & the study material you utilize will have a significant part within your success or failure.

Hence, it is crucial the application of the tried & tested study methods & utilize best study notes to give this tough exam.

5 Key Tips That may help you Pass Your CFA Level 1 Exam

1. Get the Best Study Material, Practice Questions & Past Exams

Keeping the best study materials, including books, study guides, prep books & videos, will stand you in good stead.

Doing past papers is one of the best ways of making certain you understand the pad well as well as giving you the arrogance that you’ll need to give the test.

2. Know about test Format

Having the exact format in the exam will guarantee that you have keep surprises away & that there is no chance of panic setting in which could happen in case you are surprised with something unexpected.

So in order to recap, the format in the CFA level 3 can be as follows;

Format: multiple-choice


240 equally weighted questions

Morning Session: 120 questions;

Afternoon Session: 120 questions

Each question has three answer choices

An average of, 1.A few moments should be allocated for each and every question

3. Revise the fabric 3 to 4 weeks Before the Exam

You cannot revise enough – in reality the harder you revise & the harder practice questions & exams you do the harder confident you’ll become for tackling the test as well as being more comfortable & proficient with the principles.

So allow yourself no less than 21 days before d-day to do numerous EOC (End of Chapter) questions & QBank (Schweser) as is possible to ensure that you are familiar with each of the material & principles.

4. Read & Understand Each Question Carefully

Because of the time limitations & pressure to succeed of sitting the test, perhaps the most common mistake would be to misunderstand an issue & therefore choose the wrong answer.

It is going to pay out to invest a little time reading the question properly so we don’t misinterpret it & if it seems too involved & too time consuming you are able to decide to let it rest & go onto another that you can tackle & answer quickly.

Time management planning is very important – wasting too much effort on time consuming questions could mean missing easier questions & wasting easy marks

5. There is certainly Merely one Correct Answer

Be precise even if you have to sacrifice a little time to obtain your calculation right.

Usually do not rush becoming you may end up using valuable time and also missing out on obtaining a not too difficult question right.

Silly mistakes will cost valuable marks.

Finally, it cannot be overemphasised how important it is to use the best study materials and also doing mock exams – get these two things right & the likelihood of passing the level 1 exam is going to be greatly enhanced.
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