Usual Hedgehog Cage Decision Mistakes

Before you make or get your hedgehog cage, be sure to tend not to make following mistakes:

Utilizing an aquarium. Many new hedgehog owners feel that glass aquariums make perfectly safe cages for hedgehogs. This isn’t the situation. Aquariums lack proper ventilation under normal conditions and are notorious for collecting excess moisture and odor. Aquariums will also become literal ovens every time a atomizer is added placing the very time of your hedgehog vulnerable. There are lots of other cage styles which are equally as cheap as and also easier to maintain than aquariums, so not risk the fitness of your hedgehog to save money and time!

Wire cage floors. To be safe, a hedgehog cage mustn’t possess a wire floor. Unlike larger animals including rabbits, hedgehogs have tiny legs and feet, which makes it a breeze for the hedgie to fall partially through while moving. While falling through may seem harmless, this could actually result in grave injuries like broken limbs.

One more reason to stop wire floors in hedgehog cages is they might be too rough on sensitive feet. Lots of people don’t realize that foot problems are incredibly common among hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have delicate feet and toes which are easily injured and often become infected. Instead, avoid these health issues altogether by selecting a greater living environment to your hedgehog.

Using wood. Wood is just not an ideal material for the hedgehog cage because it can absorb urine and turn into quite stinky. Contain ramps or shelves that the hedgehog can disappear of.

The only safe ramps and ledges are ones using a solid railing which a hedgehog cannot fall through. Lots of people feel that because animals like hedgehogs are really small which they cannot be easily hurt in the fall. This is simply not true. Serious injuries can happen even in falls from short distances.

Doesn’t need a dog proof top in case you have other pets. Do not feel that other pets will not likely access off limit areas! In case you have the cat or dog that can access your hedgehog cage, ensure you provide an animal proof top in position! Wire screens with wooden frames which can be secured work well. If employing a sterilte tub like a cage, you can also make use of a matching lid providing you cut a lot of air holes.

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