Ravi Kailas

The sustainable energy sector in India is increasing rapidly and presents an opportunity for strong financial returns. Mytrah Energy Limited is listed working in london and is among the largest renewable energy producers in India today. We are thrilled to present this paper, coded in partnership with PwC India, which explains the Indian renewables sector and highlights some of the differences between it along with the, perhaps better known, markets in Europe.

Having built a 560 MW operating portfolio over the last 5yrs, Mytrah is benefitting from some of the key differences highlighted with this paper:
1. India is short of power, and therefore, new renewable capacity produces electricity on an undersupplied market.
2. Renewable capacity is quicker to promote than alternatives like coal-fired power.
3. Renewable electricity price is comparable to that relating to electricity off their sources.

As opposed to Europe, where renewables have generally displaced existing generation capacity and required heavy subsidies, India advantages of truly market-led sustainable energy demand, without significant subsidy. Strong support through the Government of India reinforces the marketplace fundamentals, setting up a dynamic market that’s growing. India already has 35 GW of renewable power capacity and plans to grow this 500% within the next six years.

What he based in the sector was surprising. India’s wind energy potential is around 80,000 MW; 15,000 MW is definitely set up on the soil. But there was clearly not a single large IPP [independent power producer] available. “Countries like Spain have a lot of listed wind entities, however in India it really is near nil. Organic and natural to about 20 listed thermal companies. Along with the next Ten years, wind being an industry create similar to 50,000 MW. That’s a mainstream number,” says Kailas.

In our view, India is among the most exciting power market on earth, designed for renewables. With 400 MW in construction today along with a pipeline exceeding 3,500 MW, we at Mytrah Energy Limited is constantly play a significant role in the expansion of renewable capacity. Develop you will have this paper to be a useful and informative resource and will also be pleased to embark on further discussion.

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