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Underway now, ‘Splash to Win’ gives consumers the ability to win a large number of fantastic summer prizes including Yvolution scooters, drones and consoles. There are more than 120,000 prizes up for grabs, such as the grand prize – a brand new car, along with the runner up prize, children holiday for four. Official ‘Splash To Win’ game tokens are inside every specially marked Bunch O Balloons™ pack. Consumers soak the token in water to disclose the code underneath, visit the Bunch O Balloons how do people enter in the code to determine what they’ve won.

The initial entry mechanic that will require people to physically wet the token to ‘Unleash Summer’ promises to deliver huge engagement using the promotion already making waves in Europe and Australasia with partners reporting strong sales and levels visitors to the promotional website.

Backed up by TVCs, social websites, influencer engagement, in-store branding and POS, retailer support and a dedicated website, ZURU will truly unleash summer with this particular engaging campaign running throughout Spring/Summer 2019.

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ZURU can be a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys and consumer products. Inspired by kids and imaginative play, ZURU is one of the fastest growing toy companies on earth which is renowned for their agility, creativity and new-age manufacturing techniques. The company that started in New Zealand, now employs greater than 5,000 staff across 18 offices and distributes to the majority major retailers in over 120 countries. ZURU has delighted millions of families all over the world with brands including Bunch O Balloons™, X-Shot™, Rainbocorns™, Robo Alive™, Smashers™, 5 Surprise™, Pets Alive™ and Metal Machines™ as well as through partnerships with entertainment properties, including Nickelodeon, Disney, Universal Studios and DreamWorks. With a strong commitment to the neighborhood, ZURU supports Captivating International, local China orphanages and in addition student development programs in Asia and Nz. ZURU will continue to pave new methods for kids to learn and concentrates on reimagining what this appears like everyday.

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