Central Asia Travel

Central Asia was the hub of Great Silk Road linking East and West. More than silk, spices and precious stones were transported on the caravans. Religion, culture, and language discovered these roads to be easy to travel on.

Central Asia Travel Destinations: Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan. These are the countries that are considered to be the jewels of the necklace of the Silk Road.

The cities in Central Asia, Samarkand and Tashkent Khivas, Turkestan Merv, Kashgar, Tashkent, Khivas, Turkestan, Merv, Turkestan, Merv, and Tashkent are all magnificent. Many palaces, minarets and other structures from the past are kept in their original shapes. Restorations are made carefully to preserve the authenticity of these ancient structures. If you stroll through these ancient monuments, you feel as if you’ve stepped back to the past. Tourists can take their time taking in the surrounding scenery and not being pressured like other tourist attractions. Also, pay attention to the design of these buildings such as the naves or domes that are found in palaces. These designs can be found in numerous European architectural structures that are archaic. This suggests that the caravans traveling along the ancient Silk Road were not only transporting tangible items for commerce or economic gain however, they also carried ideas.

It is a place with a rich historical past. A region that shines with historical figures like Marco Polo, Umar Khayam, Amur Temur, Marco Polo and Amur Temur.

They have a pleasant environment. This is made more enjoyable by the warm hospitality of the inhabitants. We recommend travelers to go to Central Asia for traditional meals such as palov, shashlik and Kebab. Central Asia Travel is becoming very popular among those who are looking for once-in-a-life vacation!

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