Health and Health and

Tourists traveling to Tajikistan do not need to get immunized. However, they should be vaccinated in Typhoid and Tetanus as well as Polio, Hepatitis A and Polio. Malaria is also able to be seen in Tajikistan, so it is recommended to speak with your physician local to get guidance on immunisations.

Cultural Sensitivity

When you travel with us, you’ll frequently meet local people Each with their own unique tradition and customs. We ask you to be respectful and treat them with respect. Your guides and tour leaders will always be able to give you advice accordingly.

It is first important to note that Central Asia has a more open-minded attitude towards Islam than its neighbors in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Central Asia is an Muslim region, so it’s crucial to be aware when visiting certain zones. Long-sleeved shirts and shorts can be worn by both genders in urban areas, but in the case of visiting any mosques active, people should wear trousers that are below the knee, and tops that cover shoulders. Ladies should also wear a headscarf. This tour takes us to remote places that are not often frequented by tourists. Locals are extremely modest in their attire and so you are likely to feel more relaxed with your dress.

Language and Religion

The official language of Tajikistan is Tajik. Russian is used for business and communication.

The majority of the people follow Sunni Islam, with the small minority being followers of Russian Orthodox, Catholicism, Buddhism and Judaism.

Food and drink

This tour focuses mainly on soups and other meats. Vegetables can be difficult to locate in remote areas or at higher elevations. There is an abundance of dried nuts and dried fruits to sample.

The alcohol choices are limited to beer and vodka. If you want to try other drinks – like Scotch or Gin should buy it at no cost and carry it along. It isn’t easy to locate mixer drinks such as tonic water.

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