Health and Health and

There aren’t any compulsory vaccinations for those traveling to Tajikistan however you must be up-to-date on Typhoid Tetanus Polio and Hepatitis A. Malaria is prevalent in certain areas of Tajikistan and we advise you to get advice from your doctor or travel centre as to the proper vaccinations and preventative treatment.

Cultural Sensitivity

While on our trips, you will frequently interact with local people all with their own unique tradition and customs. We expect you to show respect and consideration towards locals. The tour guides and tour guides will always be able to guide you in the right direction.

It is first important to note that Central Asia has a more open-minded approach towards Islam than its neighbours in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Central Asia is a Muslim zone, therefore it is vital to be vigilant in specific regions. Long shorts and T-shirts are fine for both sexes in urban areas, but if visiting any active mosques people should wear trousers that do not go below the knee and tops that cover their shoulders. Women should also wear a headscarf. The trip takes us to remote areas that aren’t usually frequented by tourists. The locals are modest in their attire and therefore you’re likely to feel more comfortable wearing quite conservative clothing too.

Language and Religion

The official language of Tajikistan is Tajik. Russian is still widely used in business and communications.

A majority of the population adhere to Sunni Islam, with the minority of them following Russian Orthodox, Catholicism, Buddhism and Judaism.

Drinks and food

The focus of this tour is soups and other meats. Vegetables can be difficult to find in remote areas and in higher elevations. There is an abundance of dried fruits and nuts available for you to try.

With regard to alcohol, your options are typically limited to vodka or beer. Those who want something different – Scotch or Gin for instance – must purchase it duty free and take it home. It can be difficult to find mixer drinks such as tonic water.

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