Tips On How To Order A Portable Hot Tub Or Outdoors Spa

When you first end up buying a portable hot spa or home spa, you may be confronted with a dizzying variety of features, specifications, designs and accessories. It could be quite overwhelming research many of these possibilities and determine the very best configuration to meet your needs. The internet is a superb tool for locating thousands of sources of information, nonetheless it can also add on the confusion start by making it problematical to learn which sites offer objective insights and which sites are thinly masked sales pitches for a particular manufacturer.

Start With the Basics

The first step is learning the a number of names you’ll read when searching for information about how to purchase a moveable hot spa or home spa. Below are a few popular terms:

o Home spa – generally created using an acrylic shell; surrounding cabinet could be created from wood or synthetic materials; may be used to describe an above ground, in-ground, indoor or outdoor spa.

o Hot spa – name originally provided to the initial spas that were typically round, made from wood, and located outdoors; now is commonly used interchangeably together with the phrase ‘home spa’.

o Portable hot tub/portable home spa – good name for any hot tub/home spa that’s pre-assembled and sits above ground; actual size boasting of your portable spa vary widely, from small tubs that weigh only some hundred pounds and so are quick to setup to large tubs that weigh several thousand pounds and require specific installation methods and electrical wiring.

o Jacuzzi┬« jacuzzi – Manufacturer Jacuzzi┬« is a well-known manufacturer of home spa systems; jacuzzi is often utilized as a generic mention of any home spa or jacuzzi

Consider Your preferences

While you find more information into portable home spas and hot tubs, you’ll find there are lots of sizes and features available. Here is merely a partial list of common offerings:

o 4 to 6 person, six to eight person, eight to ten person sizes

o Lounge, bench and therapy seats

o Power, circulation, foot or therapy jets

o Adjustable jets

o Electronic or pneumatic controls

o Water purification systems

o Single or dual filtration

o Ozonator systems

o Automatic spa covers

o Fountains

o CD/stereo systems

As you can tell, there are numerous alternatives for configuring a moveable home spa. Remember, though, how the best jacuzzis do not necessarily possess the most or fanciest features. Precisely what is most critical is that you simply decide on a spa containing the characteristics best suited on your own needs and preferences.

Think About Costs

Price is a significant consideration when you will decide to get a moveable spa. The first investment ranges from $3,000 around $20,000, depending on the size, construction, and features in the spa you select. In the same way important, though are the ongoing costs of operating a property spa.

Initial Cost

o Understructure construction – size of interior wood frame materials (2×4, 1×2, 2×3, etc.), pressure treated base

o Insulation – basic single layer polyurethane, low-density packaging foam, multi-layered high density foam

o Cabinetry – natural wood, synthetic wood, metal, removable walls, access panels

o Shell construction – quality and thickness of fiberglass, quality and longevity of the manufacturing process

o Number/type of jets – standard amounts of jets, customizable quantity of jets

o Hot spa heater – wattage, power used, speed of water heating

o Controls – electronic, single or dual, pneumatic, remote device

o Number/type of pumps – single, dual, or triple pumps

o Electrical requirements – 110v or 220v

o Surface/pad requirements – dirt, gravel, concrete

o Accessories and further features – fountains, water fountains, CD/stereo, lights

o Hot spa covers – standard, custom, high-density, without or with automatic lifter

o Delivery and/or installation costs – shipping from distant supplier, delivery by local pool or spa supplier, labor to place spa in desired location, initial spa set up

Ongoing Costs of Operating a Hot Tub:

o Chemicals – what chemicals are recommended, where would they be purchased, how much will they cost, what quantity will probably be needed

o Filters – capacity, recommended time period between changes, price and use of replacements

o Electricity – cost per kwh out of your utility, features and insulation to conserve power and preserve heat

o Water – cost per gallon each and every time spa is filled, pH water to discover quantity/type of chemicals needed

o Repairs – local repair technicians, accessibility of pumps and motors, warranty length and coverage

o Upkeep and repair off cabinets and shell – cleaning, staining, preservation

In general, it is advisable to put your money into many of the ‘hidden’ features that will make your property spa go longer and expense less to operate. Including things like effective insulation, quality heaters and pumps, good water filtration systems, and stuff like that.

Think About Maintenance

Another important consideration when purchasing a moveable jacuzzi or home spa is the maintenance which will be required. Including not merely any repairs that could be needed after a while, but ongoing upkeep and maintenance to keep your tub clean and pleasant to make use of.

Here are a few areas to take into account:

o Water maintenance – will be the chemical and filtration robust enough to maintain water clean to the a higher level usage you anticipate? This will have a big impact on both regular water sanitation activities and also the frequency of full water changes. Ideally, your spa should require minimal daily attention plus a minimal variety of time-consuming full water changes.

o Cabinet maintenance – if your cabinet is made of wood as well as the portable hot tub is situated outdoors, plan to re-stain the wood at least annually. If the cabinet consists of artificial materials then periodic spraying having a hose and/or wiping off dirt is usually sufficient.

o Repairs – pumps need replacing, heaters stop heating, and also other mechanical problems inevitably show up. Read and understand the manufacturer’s warranty prior to buying, trying to find outline like coverage of parts, labor as well as other materials. Also, look for hidden fees as well as other costs you could incur if, as an example, a repair technician needs to travel from out of town to access your local area or if the area supplier won’t have a specific part in store. Some warranties on portable home spas even specify that certain kinds of warranty repairs have to be done in the spa factory, requiring one to purchase shipping both to and from the factory.


Getting a hot tub is an investment which should not be taken lightly. Invest time to research and gather information, to see many different spa manufacturers. Careful shopping and number of a house spa settles in the long run, though, because you have a portable home spa that will give you a lot of enjoyment.

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