10 Tips For Planning A Corporate Incentive Travel Program

Corporate incentive travel is a superb method to motivate and reward your valuable employees. Incentive travel can be group or individual, and also the destination could be local or international. But every successful incentive travel program starts off with careful planning.

Listed here are tips to help you plan a corporate travel program that fits your company’s culture, size and available budget:

* Determine your corporate incentive program goals. In specific terms, establish just what the incentive program should accomplish. This can be more sales, increase in production output or profits, or perhaps a reduction in defective products, sales returns or lost contracts. Make sure you assign a value to the improvement or reduction – a part, absolute number of units or contracts, or perhaps a dollar figure.

* Select the target group for your program. This may be management, employees, salespeople, and even customers.

* Find what the target’s values, interests and preferences through paper surveys or interviews. Then browse our corporate incentives guide to match up preferences with available packages within your budget.

* Considering past performance and employee behavior, establish reasonable tasks to your target group.

* Make sure you possess a performance tracking system set up which has a clear strategy to measure incentive program results.

* Brainstorm what obstacles may exist to the success with the corporate incentive travel. This could be current employee morale, organizational structure or market conditions.

* Decide if this system is going to be managed internally or outsourced with an agency.

* Understand applicable tax implications. Travel may be taxable to recipients under certain conditions, and special tax forms are usually necessary.

* When picking a company incentive local travel agent, make sure it agrees to satisfy what is promised on your budgeted cost, so that you understand its cancellation policies.

* After your program, survey winners and non-winners to discover perhaps the program was successful in meeting the aim.

Corporate Travel on the Smaller Budget

In case you cannot afford to whisk your top performers away to Europe on a private jet, you can still reward the workers with incentive travel that they may enjoy.

If you possibly could manage to send your team away over a teambuilding retreat, it doesn’t must be far away. Campsites and resorts, a good day on a chartered boat can certainly produce a memorable experience. For people, it’s a better idea to deliver your recipient somewhere exotic enough to be memorable. If at all possible, allowing a spouse or children to accompany your employee is a good option.
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