Flying along with your Emotional Support Animal

Spring time is almost here understanding that means the busy travel season begins soon. At we want to enable you to as well as your pet have a great travel season. First make sure your emotional support animal letter is still valid and is less than one year old. If you wish to renew your prescription letter which can be done through our website by submitting your updated health information via our online exam deciding on the renewal choice for the low price.

Once you’ve your emotional support pet make sure you have copies of the pets vaccination paperwork as some airlines have become requiring this additional information. Delta and United airlines may also ask which you sign an announcement attesting to your pet’s good behavior and that you have total control of the pet.

Though airlines have added several extra documents they still cannot charge you extra to bring your dog together with you. There are no size or weight restrictions for emotional support pets no special training is required. For those who have any more questions please visit our website below.
More details about emotional support animal letter see our new web site: click for more info

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