Criss Angel Card Tricks Exposed

Criss Angel is a famous world leading freak magician! He is higher quality as “MindFreak” as a consequence of his shows. He soon started being a magician / illusionist in NY City and after this does mainstream shows in Las Vegas. So how exactly does he freak people out by knowing every card inside your hand? What makes he enable you to choose a card this will let you sealed envelope with your card inside? Don’t be concerned he isn’t an alien or even a super mutant with special abilities. He is an illusionist with a special ace in the hole. This document will expose one of the most creative and crazy card tricks that Criss Angel while others have utilized in their illusionist acts.

First, The key secret; Infrared Contact lenses. His cards are marked special with luminous ink coming from a luminous ink printer and the lenses possess a special infrared filter that exposes the cardboard markings for the back of the card. This gives him to find out every card inside the deck. Whether or not the deck looks completely new and sealed. There is a machine that reseals the deck to really make it look brand-new!

Well… how does he pull the cardboard that a person picks from his shoe… or even a sealed envelope? This leads us to your second exposure; 50/50 forced card deck. He starts back and forth from a marked deck along with a deck of 50/50 forced card deck. For those readers who want more explanation with a 50/50 force deck, it is a deck containing 50% the same card and 50% different cards. One “forced” card could be the main card that will often be chosen. You set some other card since the one chosen card every other card being a regular random card. The chosen card is slightly cut smaller than the normal card to ensure that once you fan the deck you only see random cards and you then fan those times the other way you simply see one chosen card (making the illusion which you changed the complete deck into the chosen card!). Whenever you fan those times for that victim, they’ll always select the forced card. This allows you to hide the same card with your shoe, within a sealed envelope that’s mailed for your requirements, your pockets, etc. You can be very creative with this particular trick.

Last, using infrared devices like contacts or infrared sunglasses will provide you with any card reading. So not only can you tell them what card they may be holding, however, you could also pretend to predict the charge card. Make sure to explain that we now have no mirrors or cameras. Permit them to choose any card, along with your infrared sunglasses or infrared contacts, you will be able to call off the card and suite. Just like that.

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