Great Strategies For Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Getting married can be an amazing experience. This is a day filled up with emotion, joy, happiness and quite often just a little sadness every time a family member who is no more around is not there to share with you our special occasion.

As professional wedding photographers we know how stressful arranging your big day could be. With so many photographers around, where can you start? What do you should know while looking for being married photographer? With prices ranging from a few hundred pounds to many thousands, how can you tell should they be best for you?

It is a simple fact of life by purchasing the arrival of digital camera models, many individuals now call themselves a “photographer”. Over recent years there is a blast at the of folks offering their services as wedding photographers, a lot of who’ve never received any training, have no insurance, do not use professional equipment and never have adequate backups in position to take care of any eventuality.

A professional photographer could have the suggestions above which post is really a quick “Help Guide” towards the things to consider along with the questions we suggest i hear you ask in choosing a marriage photographer. Have yourself a cuppa and have comfy. This is simply not a definitive guide, only a general overview of excellent customer service.

Hunting for a Photographer:

Personal Recommendations: Are you with a wedding recently? What did friends and family consider their photographer? Like a Yorkshire digital camera virtually all our clients are derived from personal recommendations from either Bride and Grooms who may have used us, or from Venues that have in mind the quality of the work we produce along with the fantastic affordable we offer.

Google And also other Search engines like yahoo:

An instant look on the major search engines will produce a mind numbing amount of choices. For example, in case you type into Google the search terms “Wedding Photographer” it’ll return millions results. Simply dealing with each result would get you years, so as an overall guideline, stick with those found on top 10 or page 2. The explanation for this really is simple: Should they be onpage A couple of chances are they’ll took time to ensure that their site is well designed, optimised and placed, in order that many or services are simple to find for prospective Bride and Grooms.

Selecting a Photographer

Once you made our minds up over a date, have booked the wedding venue and received confirmation then book all other services required for your wedding day as soon as possible. Leaving it to the eleventh hour to book your wedding photographer is not an good plan.

Many Bride and Grooms check for his or her photographer the afternoon they get engaged.


One thing to do is consider a photographers website but do NOT be fooled into thinking this is the be all and end all. Always discuss the images and never the website design. Nowadays for some hundred pounds you can have a real classy looking website designed. Remember a website only shows this content that the photographer WANTS you to see. You will only generally see the best images, the ones they would like to use to showcase their abilities so have a look throughout the website. Have a look and discover the amount of different weddings you can observe. If you have only one or two, have they been only photographed several weddings? Also the amount information will the photographer offer you? Is he beforehand with regards to their prices or must you will end up in to see these phones learn how much it will cost? Will they present you with specific detailed information regarding their services?

Even be VERY wary whenever they say they are associated with a “Professional Trade Organisation”. Some trade organisations only require photographers to pay for once a year subscription fee to sign up then allow the photographer to use the Organisations logos on their website. Indeed some organisations have absolutely no joining requirements, you may not need to possess a camera and your Granny, who may have no idea about photography, could join if she wanted. Do your research to check out Trade Organisations carefully as they are not all the identical.

Some are for full time professionals only and Members have to undergo evaluation, inspection and also have insurance documents checked, others simply allow you to pay a nominal amount and declare one to be considered a “Professional Photographer”. Remember that the photography market is not regulated and now you may boast of being a “photographer”.


If it seems too great for be true, it’s likely that it is! Many photographers just starting out often charge small prices and only cover their costs. Many visit your wedding as a method of creating a portfolio of wedding images. This particular won’t connect with all budget priced photographers but because an overall guideline, if the price seems suprisingly low, plus there is grounds for it, so try to discover what it is.

For several Bride and Grooms, price ends up being the determining factor. You may spend hundreds, otherwise thousands for the dress, the venue charges thousands, then there are the cars, the Grooms attire, Bridesmaids dresses, the wedding cake, the flowers – cutting costs on the photography may result in poor wedding photographs resulting in huge disappointment and photos through the day which you do n’t need to think about.

Remember it is a one shot event – to acquire everyone returning to retake the images will likely be time consuming and extremely expensive.

Make An Appointment:

And soon you go satisfy the photographer, you won’t be fully informed if they are the correct person for the job. On the meeting ask to see photographs from At the very least five recent weddings. Ask if the photographer spent some time working at your venue before and if so find out if you can view some images from that wedding. Ask to find out the demo albums – what is the good range from which to choose? Does the photographer have recommendations from previous clients, in that case ask to see them. Will the photographer work from home or from the Studio?

Within this meeting there are many really important questions you should ask, a couple of are detailed below:

Q. How long have you been trading and how many weddings have you ever photographed? In the event the answer is “6 months and a couple of weddings, both of them friends of the family who Some charge because I need the experience and also the images in my portfolio” – is the correct photographer in your case?

Q. Do you think you’re insured?

All photography lovers should carry Professional Indemnity and Public Insurance. If they don’t then tread carefully.

Q. Exactly what are your prices, and what should i get in my package?

Seems a unique question to question right? Well no! Nothing is worse than handing over your hard earned cash to discover anytime the wedding ceremony about to catch getting what you thought you are. Will there be an album within the package? The amount of hours coverage does one get? What additional merchandise is contained in the price? Will the price include image editing? Are you experiencing an overtime fee when we go beyond?

Q. Would you contract out your wedding photography service?

Otherwise this could happen scene….. you would spend months researching photographers, finally choose one, get them booked that point on the wedding day, someone you haven’t met before appears to photograph your big day. How are you planning to feel? Angry?

Make sure that the individual you book with will be the individual who will attend and take the wedding photographs. Sounds simple I realize but you’ll be surprised how many photographers sub contract out their work to other, often inexperienced and uninsured, photographers.

Q. Is this your full-time job?

Many photographers have fulltime jobs and photograph weddings on a part-time basis so may not necessarily be available to answer the questions you have or emails during normal work hours. In case you have a final minute question, it might take serious amounts of obtain a response or you might not be able to schedule meeting times that are on the way of you.

Q. Does one give a written contract?

It really is absolutely critical that you receive a written contract detailing your exact expenditure and just what products/services you will get.

Q. The amount of weddings would you cover daily?

If the fact is anything aside from ONE – take care. Many photographers will take care of several wedding a day and also this can bring about problems your wedding. Suppose the initial wedding runs late? This means that the photographer could possibly be late to yours.

Q. Can one see some of your projects / observe the demo albums?

Be sure to possess a good consider the photographers work. Take a look at picture quality, take a look at album quality. Looking at pictures of babies, sunsets, buildings or family portraits is not going to present you with any concept of their abilities as a digital camera. Also ask the question “Is this from a real wedding?”. You will end up amazed exactly how many photographers use images adopted training days in their portfolios. They attend an exercise session where a Trainer arranges the shot then tells the photographer how to get it. The style could possibly be amazing but tend to they reproduce it throughout a real wedding with the pressure and stresses involved?

Q. What backup equipment would you bring to the wedding?

It never fails to amaze me that photographers still attend a wedding with simply ONE camera! In the event that camera reduces exactly what are they going to do? Pop out their mobile phone and continue shooting?

Q. Should you do a pre-wedding site visit?

Have you been to a wedding so when you are looking at obtaining the photographs taken, it really is absolute chaos? Uncle John adjusted to evaluate in, Aunty Flo has nipped to the loo, your very best Man has popped to the bar. Surely bride and Groom really should have been a bit more organised shouldn’t they? Well actually no!

This really is down to the photographer rather than the bride and groom. Site visits allows photographers to generate a plan for your day and they are a critical aspect of the complete planning through the day.

Q. What “style” would you photograph in?

There are various styles including Traditional, Reportage, Photojournalistic, Fashion, Glamour – will the photographer photograph in the style You happen to be wanting? Can they undertake it weekend in, weekend out, or could they be wanting to photograph you might say they could not really do often. Fully grasp this bit right and you’ll love your wedding reception photographs because you will receive everything you expected. Get it wrong and you could end up hating them.

Q. Would you like to put my wedding photographs online for your guests to find out?

The majority of photographers now make this happen as standard though some still do charge extra for it. Find out if there the other costs involved.

Q. Is the next step a pre-wedding meeting?

A specialist photographer will choose to sit down with every every Groom and bride at some point before the big day to debate the afternoon itself. Topics covered might include things such as what photographs should be taken where, any special requests through the Bride and Groom etc. This can help be sure that the day runs as smoothly as you can.

Q. What you want to wear when photographing my wedding?

Again seems an exotic question right? You will end up surprised the amount of “professional” photographers arrive to photograph a wedding dressed up in jeans, t-shirts and trainers. Smart business attire could be the norm but do check!

Booking Your Photographer:

When you have decided around the photographer who’s going to cover your big event… PHONE THEM! It’s not at all unusual for photographers to be effective with a “first come, first served” basis as there are nothing worse than doing all the hard work to find that somebody booked your date Couple of hours earlier.

Many photographers requires that you pay a retainer to secure the date. This can be whether fixed amount or possibly a amount of the whole package price and are deducted out of your total photography costs.

Remember: Give you an itemized contract which details the total amount you are paying along with what you get.

One final thing to think of: Personality. Chances are that the wedding photographer will spend added time with you than many other suppliers. Are you able to spend a whole day together? Could you assist them with an extended period of time? This is a point which is often forgotten about!

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